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Beyond Lean

By Jamie Flinchbaugh
Lean Learning Center

Building Sustainable Business and People Success through New Ways of Thinking

There are far too many definitions and descriptions of lean systems for all of us to be speaking the same language, and so it seems worthwhile to put forward a unifying view of lean systems. Some have interpreted lean as merely a collection of tools, such as 5S, JIT, kanban, and so on.1 Others have described lean as working people harder, working people smarter, kaizen, or Total Quality Management. Some definitions are wrong and some are just inadequate.


Ten Ways to Show Respect for People

The power behind Lean is a management's commitment to continuously invest in its people and promote a culture of continuous improvement. The Toyota Way can be briefly summarized through the two pillars that support it: Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.

Here are ten ways you can respect people in your organization.

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